Sodexo has been serving as NNU’s campus dining service for 12 years. In 2014, they were rated in the top 25 accounts nationwide for Student Satisfaction, which means NNU students are pretty happy with “The Dex.”

Sodexo will work with students on any special requests or needs including dietary issues and work schedules.

All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Freshmen are required to have either a Platinum or Silver meal plan, while all students, except seniors, living on campus are required to have a meal plan of their choice.

Students are also able to lower their meal plan until the first Friday of classes.

Unlimited Access when dining hall is open.
$50.00 per semester of Flex Money

230 Meals per Semester
$100.00 per semester of Flex Money

150 meals per semester
$75.00 per semester of Flex Money

75 meals per semester
$50.00 per semester of Flex Money

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Does my student need to purchase a meal plan?
A Yes! It’s a great value and it is a Northwest Nazarene University policy that all designated campus residents purchase a meal plan each semester.

Q What are Flex Dollars?
A Flex Dollars are specific cash values included in all meal plans. They work like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. Flex Dollars may be used at any on-campus dining location such as Sodexo or The Bean Coffee Shop.

Q Do Flex Dollars carry over from year to year?
A They are carried over from the fall to the spring semester when a new meal plan is purchased in the spring. They are not carried over between academic years.

Q Do Block Meals carry over from semester to semester?
A Block meals may only be used during the semester in which they are purchased.

Q Can my student change his/her meal plan?
A Yes! Changing to a bigger or smaller meal plan, if eligible, must be completed prior to the new semester or within the first week of classes. Please have your student contact the Office of Student Development to make that change.

Q If my student does not live in a residence hall where do they purchase a meal plan?
A If your student lives off campus, talk with the Office of Student Development at (208) 467-8643.

Q What are Crusader Cash Bucks?
A Crusader Cash can be loaded onto a student ID card and scanned as needed. This option must be paid up front and cannot be added to a Student Account.

Q What is The Bean?
A Located in the Leah Peterson Learning Commons, The Bean is NNU’s campus coffee shop serving fresh brewed Starbucks coffee, sandwiches, pastries and other on-the-go food!