We Love Our Growing & Vital Campus

The 88 acres we call home.

In addition to its 88-acre campus located in Nampa, Idaho, NNU offers programs online, in Boise, and in cooperation with programs in 10 countries. You can see more about our campus on the official campus map.

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Residential Life

Our students and alumni will tell you that most of their best college memories were made while living on campus. Whether it's a late night run to Merritt's for a world-famous scone, wing competitions or life-long friendships with roommates, living in a caring community is an integral part of the NNU experience.

Living on campus will also contribute significantly to the success of your student both socially and academically. Studies show that students living on campus achieve a higher GPA and have a higher graduation rate than those who live off campus. And, we want your student to be successful.

Our residential community is strengthened by a shared commitment to a common set of lifestyle guidelines. Among them are a commitment to refrain from tobacco, alcohol, and illegal or non-authorized prescription drugs; sexual immorality and pornography; harassment based upon sex, sexual orientation, race or religion, or other offensive behavior; and criminal activities. These guidelines are not in place simply to create a list of rules but are intended to create a community where all can flourish. NNU has a lifestyle agreement that students sign upon enrolling at the university. This policy ensures a drug-, alcohol- and tobacco-free learning and living environment that all students can feel comfortable in.

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First Year Experience

During their first year on campus, your student's schedule will be full with academic classwork, homework, campus activities and special events, including Week One, an event designed to facilitate a week's worth of activities to cultivate relationships with fellow classmates, student leaders, faculty and other key university staff members

It is also important to know that during this first year, students will also likely experience a variety of  emotional ups and downs. Understanding these ups and downs make you better able to help your student negotiate the challenges found in the first year of college, which is why we want you to read this calendar of first-year adjustment issues.

First Year: Month-by-Month

FACT: A new student will likely decide if NNU is right for them within the first six weeks.


NNU's faith community is rooted in love for God and one another, but it is not a Christian hideout from the world. Students and faculty alike challenge one another to examine, articulate and own their own faith. We, as people, are called first to love, which is why growing the faith of our students is something we take seriously, because God is love.

Spiritual Support

At NNU, students find a number of ways to help grow in their faith, including:

  • Attending Timeout, a weekly student-led worship service
  • Serving at the Boise Rescue Mission or through international mission trips
  • Participating in inspirational Chapel services


NNU is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II and fully endorses and abides by the organization's philosophy and bylaws. Our Nighthawk athletes are amazing students who use their talents for God's glory. Contact the Financial Aid Office to learn more about athletic scholarships.



Think a brick is a red stone block? You may need to learn how to speak "NNU" with your student.

A student-created sugary iced coffee drink.

Our annual talent show. No talent required.

Like the Miss America Pageant, except with guys.

The Bean
The campus coffee shop.

Time Out
A student-led worship service every Wednesday night.

Journey's Outfitting Co.
NNU's outdoors club that organizes surf trips and offers bike tune-ups.

The Woman Is Required to Pay, a campus-wide, weekend-long, 200-couples-strong group date for which the women pay.

Week One
A week of unique social activities that help new and returning students get acquainted with each other. 

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