Let's talk money. Actually, let's talk value.

We believe that a Christian education is worth the price, but we don't want you to do it alone.

So, through the efforts of hundreds of generous donors, the following scholarships and grants are made available to incoming freshman students as part of a financial aid package. Eligibility is based on the criteria listed. Need-based assistance through financial aid is also available to those who qualify.

$14,000 President's Scholarship
($56,000 for 4 years)
4.0 GPA and 27+ ACT/1800+ SAT or
3.5+ GPA and 30+ ACT/1980+ SAT

$13,000 Dean's Scholarship
($52,000 for 4 years)
4.0 GPA and 23-26 ACT/1560-1790 SAT or
3.25+ GPA and 27+ ACT/1800+ SAT

$12,000 Wesley Scholarship
($48,000 for 4 years)
4.0 GPA and 18-22 ACT/1270-1550 SAT or
3.25+ GPA and 23-26 ACT/1560-1790 SAT

$11,000 Riley Scholarship
($44,000 for 4 years)
3.25+ GPA and 19-22 ACT/1330-1550 SAT or
3.0+ and 23+ ACT/1560+ SAT

$8,000 NNU Grant
($32,000 for 4 years) Many students not eligible for the above scholarships may receive the NNU Grant

Ask our graduates what was most valuable to them during their time at NNU, and we'll bet they don't say a word about financial aid.

We get it! Funding a college education can be a concern. At NNU, we know that one key consideration in the decision-making process is finances, and we recognize and acknowledge that covering the cost of college is a challenge for many families. We believe a Christian college is a great choice and a worth-while investment.

We believe you will find the academically rigorous and transformative education within a Christian community that places a high value on relationships to be worth the price. 

In the video above, listen to Don Atkin share about what led him to learn the true financial value of an NNU education. 

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New test scores that might affect scholarships and grants may be submitted through June 30 of the senior year.  In some cases, if a new score is submitted after NNU has awarded financial aid, and the new score results in a higher scholarship NNU may reduce other financial aid offered.

Additional need-based financial aid assistance is determined by information we get from your FAFSA, which can be submitted at  To ensure we get the information we need, please include our school code of 001624 on your FAFSA.

More complete information about the financial aid process and our scholarships and grants is available on the Office of Financial Aid website.

See the Office of Financial Aid

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Excluding loans, 99 percent of full-time NNU students receive an average financial aid package of $17,000 each year.

Financial Aid Timeline

Below is a general timeline for the financial aid process at NNU. Please note that when you submit an early application, you are more likely to hear back about financial aid before those who don't submit an early application.