Dorm Move Out, Summer Storage & Mail

Published on Apr 21, 2017.
In an effort to make sure your student’s mail reaches them this summer they need to go to the portal (they know how to do this) and navigate to the “Summer Address” link and update their summer address. This is only for mailroom use for the summer and will not change their permanent address with the Registrar.
Residence Halls close for summer - noon, May 8

In order to help make the experience of move-out week (May 4–7) as pleasant as possible and to avoid delays, encourage your student to begin planning and packing early. If you live close, students can send items not needed during finals week — such as futons, TVs, chairs, shelves, winter coats, and bikes home before Saturday, May 6, saving on trips and making loads lighter for their official move-out day.

In order to use campus storage you must live 500 miles or more away. Living far away can have benefits sometimes!
  • Storage room move day is Sunday, April 30 by 10:00 p.m. to get current year stuff out of storage areas.
  • Monday, May 1 after 9:00 a.m. students can begin moving stuff they aren’t taking home into the storage area where they will be living next year.
  • Space is on first come basis, but since most students won’t have time to move until after finals it shouldn’t start filling up until mid to late week of finals.
  • Mark everything well with student’s name, date and housing assignment.
  • Corlett doesn't have any storage.
  • No flammable items like snow tires or batteries are allowed in storage areas.
  • Campus Security suggests not storing anything valuable like electronics, musical instruments or sports equipment.
  • Bicycles must be left in the bicycle cage or dorm storage areas (not bike racks) and need to be secured with some type of lock as well as labeled with name, date and housing assignment.
  • NNU is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of personal belongings.
 If your student has larger items like furniture then they may have to rent (or share) a storage unit. I have listed some links below to some that are close to campus. All that is needed to rent from most places is a valid driver’s license or federal ID, and of course money. A 5x5 is approximately $42/month. You may want to check with your homeowner’s policy to see if it includes items in storage units. Some students store items for the summer at the home of a friend that lives near NNU – I know I will have some extra stuff in my garage this summer from my daughter’s friends. Remember that students have been doing this for years and somehow it all works out and it is a good life lesson for them to figure it all out.

*Note that NNU has no affiliation with any of these businesses.

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