Hard work pays dividends for basketball alum (#GoNNUCrusaders)

September 12, 2014

At NNU, students are challenged to put their all into every aspect of their development. That attitude is helping alum Jordan Nicholes fulfill his dream of playing professional basketball.

5 tips for launching your college freshman

August 22, 2014

The first year of college is a momentous event for parents as well as students. Whether you just left your first born or your baby in NNU's hands, you are likely feeling the emotions of this major life change. Here are five tips for managing the transition to consider as you head home.

The deeper value of an NNU education: An NNU parent perspective

May 20, 2014

​“While we are both NNU alumni, we encouraged our daughters to look around and consider many options before making their college decisions. We were pleasantly surprised when not just one, but both, of our girls decided to make NNU their home for four years,” shared Chris and Debbie Jenson, parents of both a current sophomore and a junior.

Top 5 things to do before your student graduates

May 14, 2014

​The end of senior year can be a hectic time for parents of students who plan to go to college in the fall. With lots of decisions and arrangements to be made, here are five things to check off the list before your student graduates from high school to ensure a stress-free summer.

A letter to parents

May 9, 2014

We asked some of our upperclassmen to write letters to their parents about their time at NNU. The results were touching and profound.

A legacy of service comes full circle

April 17, 2014

As a young child, senior Chad Larson (Medford, Ore.) heard stories about the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital and Mission Station in Papua New Guinea (PNG) from his grandparents Wayne (’55) and Joann (’54) Larson and always imagined seeing the lush highlands for himself. He could not have anticipated that he would be led to the same foreign mission field where his grandparents had faithfully served.

NNU's Ministerial Scholarship helps build next generation of church leaders

April 17, 2014

Faced with the reality that a large number of ministry candidates enter full-time Christian service with substantial student loan debt, NNU made a substantial commitment to undergraduate Nazarene ministerial students.

Transfer student Alex: "NNU is doing something right"

April 17, 2014

Alex Kildow had what she calls the "typical college plan" to attend a local state school. But when her experience did not meet her expectations, she began to explore other options, and found a place that she could call home.

An economist's perspective: comparison shopping for college education

March 10, 2014

Comparison shopping—consumers do it all the time. With today’s technology we can even comparison shop while we are walking through the store aisle. Using our phones we can find the best price and place an order from one retailer while examining the product under the roof of another.

Parent perspective: Don Atkin tells his story of the college choice

February 19, 2014

Don Atkin, the parent of two current NNU students, shares how he compared colleges when his sons were searching. He learned that the value of an NNU education far exceeds the cost.