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If you just started learning the college enrollment process with your child, we are happy to offer this website to you as a resource for learning more about financial aid, the value of an education at NNU, and how to visit our 90 acre campus.

If your child already attends NNU, you can use this site during the academic year to know how you can help your child in their current semester of study or understand what their college experience is really like.

Above all, we encourage parents to read the Mission, Values, and Vision of NNU and to know that "Guided by a vision of the Kingdom of God, Northwest Nazarene University seeks a more excellent way, to be a transformative learning community expressing the love of Jesus by forming scholars, nurturing disciples, serving the Church, shaping the culture, and redeeming the world."

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The best way to know if NNU is the place for your student is to visit our campus. We encourage all high school students in their junior or senior year (and their parents) to visit NNU. You will probably fall in love with our people and with our campus; but if you don't, that's OK too. At least you're one step closer to finding a college your student will truly love.

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The deeper value of an NNU education: An NNU parent perspective

August 20, 2014

​“While we are both NNU alumni, we encouraged our daughters to look around and consider many options before making their college decisions. We were pleasantly surprised when not just one, but both, of our girls decided to make NNU their home for four years,” shared Chris and Debbie Jenson, parents of both a current sophomore and a junior.

Top 5 things to do before your student graduates

August 20, 2014

​The end of senior year can be a hectic time for parents of students who plan to go to college in the fall. With lots of decisions and arrangements to be made, here are five things to check off the list before your student graduates from high school to ensure a stress-free summer.

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